Slime Rancher

The simplest way to explain Slime Rancher is that it’s a game where you feed slimes and sell their poop for cash so you can buy upgrades to sell more poop.

Slime rancher is a game made by Monomi Park, a California based dev team founded in 2014. The game is still in Early Access, but based on the state of it now, I expect it to get a full release in just a few months. The game takes place on another planet far, far away where, similarly to the plot of Stardew Valley, the protagonist Beatrix LeBeau decides to venture out and start ranching slimes.

The game starts out relatively simple. You get a short, simple, and easy to follow tutorial, and you learn the basics in about 2 minutes. Essentially, you have to go outside of your ranch and use your Vac-Gun to suck up wild slimes.

These adorable little creatures come in all shapes and sizes, and you can keep  those you like in corrals, which you can build on your land. You have to feed them to keep them happy, otherwise they will try to escape and even start to attack you. When they are properly fed with chicken, veggies or fruit, they produce a crystal material called Plorts(This caused my spouse and I to substitute the word shit with ‘plort’ since we started playing).

Each type of slime produces it’s kind of plort, and they can be sold at a market that changes everyday. If you sell a bunch of pink plort one day, the next day they will cost less. That way you have to keep track of which ones are valuable and farm those. Slimes can also be combined, by making one type eat the plort of another. This makes it so that they produce both types of plort and that doubles your profit.

The game requires you to build a variety of structures, which you tear down and build something else that suits your needs. You will need chicken coops to provide meat, Gardens for fruit and vegetables, and more. When the Lab is unlocked, you gain access to a bunch of new builds and even accessories to put on your slimes, such as a mustache or glasses.

The game is pretty big, and just when I thought I’d seen all of it, a new giant location is unlocked. They all have their own theme and they all look amazing. The art style is, like the game, simple yet curiously effective. The music, however could use some work, since I think it’s a bit too simplistic with not enough substance.

I can honestly say that I don’t regret buying this game. I’m usually insanely skeptical of Early Access games, since I’ve been burnt too many times. This is a game that everyone can play, and I look forward to the official release. Completely worth the $20.

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Abzû is an underwater exploration game from the developer Giant Squid, whose founder, Matt Nava, is the man behind the well known game Journey. It would be easy to say that Abzû is like Journey, just underwater, but I’ll try to go more in depth.

The game revolves around a diver of mysterious origin that swims around exploring the relaxing ocean and try to help bring certain dead areas back to life. This is achieved by finding large portals that you have to open to awaken the wildlife around them. This game also does a great job of showing you how small and insignificant we are compared to the vast greatness of the ocean, especially when you have to swim over waters so deep you don’t see the bottom.

The visuals are what initially caught my attention and made me extremely excited for this game. The beautifully simplistic low poly style with vibrant colors and lighting effects that would make any AAA publisher jealous. This combined with the absolutely wonderful soundscape creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere that astounded me repeatedly.

The game controls very smoothly and I often found myself swimming in circles just for the fun of it. The movement controls are pretty solid and you use one button for the very little interaction that is required when solving puzzles and the like.

The only downside I can think of is how incredibly short it is, little over 2 hours. Even so the game costs only 20 bucks, so I still feel I got my money’s worth.

In conclusion I’d recommend this game to anyone. This is a title I think everyone should play.



When I bought Betrayer I had no idea what to expect. All I’d seen of the game was screenshots from the steam page showing black and white visuals with a bit of crimson thrown in, and the occasional spooky skeleton. All I could think about was “dis gon be gud”.

Betrayer is an action/adventure RPG game by the indie developer Blackpowder Games, and was released on March 24 of this year and it’s reception upon release was pretty good but not enough to make it to the big leagues.

When I first played the game I was immediately fully Immersed in the monochrome tropical world in which i’d been thrown. The black and white visuals did not only enhance the experience but did in fact make up most of it, and the atmosphere and ambiance owe most of it’s glory to that decision and the crimson colours on some of the objects within the game create a beautiful visual experience that gets you completely invested in the game.

The game play is decent but it lacks a little bit of flare to make it stand out in any way, but the simplicity of the controls make it easier to get lost in the visuals as well as the narrative, which is outstanding and has a lot to offer.

All in all I recommend the game for everyone.
“Go get it” out of 10


Eron is a 2D pixel art Indie game with great visuals and music.

The whole feel of the game is very appealing, combining modern pixel art, such as we’ve seen in games like Risk of Rain and Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery, with soothing chiptune soundtrack that i would really like to own on a CD. Sharp colors combined with music that complements the visuals immensely make the aesthetic value of the game worth so much more than the small amount of $1.49 that i paid for the game.

The story is apparently about a tribesman on the planet Eron who uses his ability to switch between 2 parallel worlds to combat aliens that have invaded this realm. The world switching mechanic is a pretty sweet concept and not something I’ve seen in many other games and it’s applied here so beautifully that in a matter of minutes it becomes second nature and the game starts to very fluid.

The controls are simple and few buttons are in use, but as the game is intended for controller use, there’s no option for button mapping, which would be great to have. But if you do have a controller then the game controls just beautifully and is very smooth and the only thing i have to complain about it is that many of the platforms are placed so far away that you need to go to the absolute edge to reach it and it’s not easy to time it correctly which makes me think that this is just a gimmick to elongate the gameplay.

I for one wholeheartedly recommend this game, especially since it has such a low price. If you like platformers that are challenging but fun, then you should find this game a good buy.

Shower with your Dad Simulator 2015

“Expected a chuckle. Got a chuckle” – Abraham Lincoln


The main menu music in ‘SwyDS2k15’ is the grooviest porn background tune I’ve heard in a while. It really manages to put you in the mood for some dad shower action.

The game is pretty much pairing the kids with the corresponding dads on a time limit. This simple mechanic gets pretty fun as the game progresses, as there are obstacles and items which i guess could be  classified as ‘power-ups’, and that spices up the gameplay.

There are a few game modes, of which the most notable are Endurodad, Dadathlon and Inglorius Bathdads. The last one is in my opinion the best one, because you fly around in a bathtub and collecting dads, while shooting the wrong dads down with lasers.

One thing I don’t understand about the game is that sometimes i jump into a bathtub and fly through time-space-matrix thingie, where you either collect or avoid green dads, I’m not sure.

Also, this game features a metric shitton of dad jokes and pixelated penises, so if you like that sort of thing then I guess I recommend it.The game is basically worth 2 dollars or something similar. You will probably only play it for about 30 minutes.


Kel: the Reaper of Entropy

I recently played Kel, hoping for a good spook and i was not disappointed. Many of spooks were had.

The game stars the celebrity skeleton Kel, who’s been, in his own words, “scaring the velvet crap out of you” in RPGs. 7 seconds into the game you are greeted with Kel sitting on a barrel holding two swords, looking menacing and shortly after starting up a new game, he stands up in a spooky way and basically calls you ugly. Kel is basically the sassiest skeleton ever, and not really all that spooky after you get to know him for a bit.

It’s not a plot heavy game, but i liked it because it basically centers around converting all the people in the town into skeletons by getting them killed.


I give this game 6/9 Spooks.2 (28)