Kel: the Reaper of Entropy

I recently played Kel, hoping for a good spook and i was not disappointed. Many of spooks were had.

The game stars the celebrity skeleton Kel, who’s been, in his own words, “scaring the velvet crap out of you” in RPGs. 7 seconds into the game you are greeted with Kel sitting on a barrel holding two swords, looking menacing and shortly after starting up a new game, he stands up in a spooky way and basically calls you ugly. Kel is basically the sassiest skeleton ever, and not really all that spooky after you get to know him for a bit.

It’s not a plot heavy game, but i liked it because it basically centers around converting all the people in the town into skeletons by getting them killed.


I give this game 6/9 Spooks.2 (28)


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