Shower with your Dad Simulator 2015

“Expected a chuckle. Got a chuckle” – Abraham Lincoln


The main menu music in ‘SwyDS2k15’ is the grooviest porn background tune I’ve heard in a while. It really manages to put you in the mood for some dad shower action.

The game is pretty much pairing the kids with the corresponding dads on a time limit. This simple mechanic gets pretty fun as the game progresses, as there are obstacles and items which i guess could be  classified as ‘power-ups’, and that spices up the gameplay.

There are a few game modes, of which the most notable are Endurodad, Dadathlon and Inglorius Bathdads. The last one is in my opinion the best one, because you fly around in a bathtub and collecting dads, while shooting the wrong dads down with lasers.

One thing I don’t understand about the game is that sometimes i jump into a bathtub and fly through time-space-matrix thingie, where you either collect or avoid green dads, I’m not sure.

Also, this game features a metric shitton of dad jokes and pixelated penises, so if you like that sort of thing then I guess I recommend it.The game is basically worth 2 dollars or something similar. You will probably only play it for about 30 minutes.



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