Eron is a 2D pixel art Indie game with great visuals and music.

The whole feel of the game is very appealing, combining modern pixel art, such as we’ve seen in games like Risk of Rain and Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery, with soothing chiptune soundtrack that i would really like to own on a CD. Sharp colors combined with music that complements the visuals immensely make the aesthetic value of the game worth so much more than the small amount of $1.49 that i paid for the game.

The story is apparently about a tribesman on the planet Eron who uses his ability to switch between 2 parallel worlds to combat aliens that have invaded this realm. The world switching mechanic is a pretty sweet concept and not something I’ve seen in many other games and it’s applied here so beautifully that in a matter of minutes it becomes second nature and the game starts to very fluid.

The controls are simple and few buttons are in use, but as the game is intended for controller use, there’s no option for button mapping, which would be great to have. But if you do have a controller then the game controls just beautifully and is very smooth and the only thing i have to complain about it is that many of the platforms are placed so far away that you need to go to the absolute edge to reach it and it’s not easy to time it correctly which makes me think that this is just a gimmick to elongate the gameplay.

I for one wholeheartedly recommend this game, especially since it has such a low price. If you like platformers that are challenging but fun, then you should find this game a good buy.


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