Abzû is an underwater exploration game from the developer Giant Squid, whose founder, Matt Nava, is the man behind the well known game Journey. It would be easy to say that Abzû is like Journey, just underwater, but I’ll try to go more in depth.

The game revolves around a diver of mysterious origin that swims around exploring the relaxing ocean and try to help bring certain dead areas back to life. This is achieved by finding large portals that you have to open to awaken the wildlife around them. This game also does a great job of showing you how small and insignificant we are compared to the vast greatness of the ocean, especially when you have to swim over waters so deep you don’t see the bottom.

The visuals are what initially caught my attention and made me extremely excited for this game. The beautifully simplistic low poly style with vibrant colors and lighting effects that would make any AAA publisher jealous. This combined with the absolutely wonderful soundscape creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere that astounded me repeatedly.

The game controls very smoothly and I often found myself swimming in circles just for the fun of it. The movement controls are pretty solid and you use one button for the very little interaction that is required when solving puzzles and the like.

The only downside I can think of is how incredibly short it is, little over 2 hours. Even so the game costs only 20 bucks, so I still feel I got my money’s worth.

In conclusion I’d recommend this game to anyone. This is a title I think everyone should play.



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